September 16, 2017 - Put it on your race calendar!
EXCITING changes are in store for 2017! Details coming soon.

2016 results are located at:

"I like the whole grass roots feel of the event -- that made it a lot of fun. The no official aid stations and running in the middle of nowhere was really nice. I tend to be a minimalist when it comes to endurance events and this event allowed for just that. I'm not actually sure I'd change anything, it’s a good distance for people who think these events are good idea without being too easy, or crushing people. I thought the volunteers were great and my local pit crew member was outstanding." ~2016 Competitor

"I personally think that the North Country Endurance Challenge is the premier multisport event in New England. The distance, remoteness, serenity you feel all alone in a wild scenic area travelling along the road less traveled is a special circumstance and privilege as a racing opportunity. I think the world of this event and how it changes the landscape of sports, multi-sport in New England and look forward to many more challenging race days." ~2016 Competitor

"You guys really need to talk this event up as being a TOUGH event! In all the reading I did on the course, it all seemed fairly easy. This was an amazing event, and the race directors couldn't have been a better crew. I’ll be back, and will be bringing some friends." ~2016 Competitor

"I will keep on sharing this event to the New England multi-sport community. The key here is multi-sport and off-road. This is what truly makes this event unique and like none other in New England! I think you can continue to deliver a top-end experience in the North Country and add to the base. This was the return of an event that was destined to grow, but fell off the map. I think it was a resurgent step. One that blew away everyone how much of a well-oiled machine C.O.R.E. has become and how dedicated the community is to reaching out to a new genre of tourist. Not just fishermen and ATVs. Very powerful statement!" ~2016 Competitor

68-Mile Kayak, Bike and Run
28-Mile Duathlon


The North Country Endurance Challenge is a race through the rugged mountains and clear headwaters of the Connecticut River. Discover one of New Hampshire's most hidden corners as you cross peaks, travel on foot and bike through the Great North Woods, and kayak the still waters of the largely undeveloped Connecticut Lakes.


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